System requirements

  • PHP 7.2 or greater
  • PHP extensions: pdo_mysql or mysqli (MySQL version), pdo_sqlite (SQLite version), mbstring,
    (intl is recommended for SQLite version)
  • MySQL 5.6 or greater / MariaDB 10.0 or greater (MySQL version), PostgreSQL 10 or greater

Supported browsers: Chrome 49, Safari 10, Firefox 53.

Internet Explorer is not supported.

How to install myTinyTodo

  1. Download, unpack and upload to your site.
  2. Run setup.php, select and specify settings of database you prefer. For sqlite usage make sure that directory 'db' is writable for webserver/php.
    Then click "Install" to create tables in database. While setup file config.php will be created in the root directory.
  3. Open 'index.php' in your browser to run the application. Then go to settings and specify your time zone.
  4. To protect your tasks from modification by the others you may specify password in settings.

Update to new version

  1. Download, unpack and replace all files excluding file 'config.php' and directory 'db' .
  2. Run 'setup.php' and upgrade database if required.

How to show completed tasks

Use appropriate command in the tab menu:

How to hide a tab

Hold the Ctrl (or Cmd) button and click on the tab.

How to show tasks from all tabs in one list

There is the "Select List" menu to the right of tabs. Here you'll find all the tabs you have created. Hidden tabs too. And special tab with all tasks.

How to select the sorting in reverse order

You can toggle the order (ascending or descending) by clicking on the sorting menu item once more (see the arrow).